Vodagear watersports equipment is the Russian brand of equipment for kayaking and other types of water sports and rest. In 2015 the first models of dry suits and jackets were developed. All equipment is constantly tested by developers in different conditions, whether it be intensive driving on the rough rivers of class III-V or measured training in the kayak school.

We constantly improve the product, attentively we study equipment life in dynamics and we test new developments. We also conduct open dialogue with the consumer and we try to solve all problems as far as possible. In our shop you will be able always to buy equipment for alloy: a drysuits, a drytops, drypants, a layered clothing and other clothes for whitewater of kayaking, sea kayaking, a touring, rafting, a cataraft, SUP, kiting, the wakeboard, surfing and other water sports.

It's made thouse who in flows.

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